High School Fight Club Posts Facebook Video


A video of two boys fighting in a high school locker room seems to indicate a "fight club situation," a school official said.

The video, taken at Groveport Madison High School in Groveport, Ohio, showed two boys fighting for one minute and 22 seconds in what seemed like a planned fight in the high school locker room, with bystanders shouting comments like, "Watch the face" and helping a fallen fighter to his feet.

A school spokesman, Rick Playko said the altercation appeared organized, with some students serving as referees. “That’s what makes me think that it’s more of a fight-club situation,” he told the Columbus Dispatch.

Fights on Facebook aren't new, we know because they have been written about several times, but an organized "fight club" is a little different. The odd part is that it was a local TV station that brought it to the attention of school officials -- so reporters are apparently watching what high school students are posting on their Facebook pages more than school officials or parents.

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