Facebook’s Zuckerberg is On Google+


While many people complained online about not getting an invitation to Google's new social network Google+, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg already has a profile on the competing product.

Forbes' Kashmir Hill first noticed Zuckerberg's profile in a short post about the Google+ service, saying that the new social network may be more competition for LinkedIn and Microsoft than Facebook.

Zuckerberg's profile, which features an unsmiling headshot, says little about him other than he's based in Palo Alto and an introduction that says  "I make things."

So why is Zuckerberg part of a competing social network? A look at his "circles" seems to indicate he has 13 Facebook employees also on Google+, many software engineers. It's obvious to us that they're monitoring Google's new venture and looking for any information that could help improve their product and figure out Google's next move.

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