Fallon and Timberlake Reunite Over Rap

The last time Justin Timberlake was on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," the actor and musician teamed up with the host and his in-house band, The Roots, to run through a medley representing a broad spectrum of hip hop history.

Well, Timberlake was back last night to promote his new film "Friends with Benefits," and Fallon was able to corral him into doing a Part 2.

Timberlake and Fallon ran through a jam-packed tribute, featuring nods to rap icons from Public Enemy to Cypress Hill to Black Sheep to Biz Markie.

There's just something about Fallon that brings out the impressionist in Timberlake - in previous appearances, the multi-talented performer has wowed the audience with spot-on impressions of singers like Michael McDonald, John Mayer, and (reprising a skit he and Fallon did on "Saturday Night Live") Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees.

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