Family Distraught Victim Treated in Same Hospital as Alleged Gunman

Wife says victim is expected to require months more of hospitalization.

The family of a man who was shot in December by a suspected gunman in a month-long shooting spree across SoCal was distraught upon learning their loved one was being treated in the same hospital as the alleged gunman.

Bheri Werntz, a father and grandfather of three children, was critically injured after he was shot outside of his home in Burbank.

Authorities suspect the alleged gunman was Artyom Gasparyan, 32, who was in critical condition following a shootout with police on the 5 Freeway last week. Police said Gasparyan was wanted for murder, attempted murder, carjacking and robbery spanning Burbank, Panorama City and the Carson area.

Cristina Werntz, Bheri's wife, has essentially been living outside of the hospital where her husband was recovering for the past 34 days.

"It seems like a nightmare I haven't been able to wake up from," Cristina said.

Bheri's 27-year-old son Weston said he was there when the alleged shooting occurred.

"I'm yelling at him, 'Why'd you shoot my Dad?' ... He looks right at me and gives me this smug cocky closed mouth grin," Weston said.

"The 'why' is probably the worst thing. Why me? Why was Bheri there at that moment? Why did he pull into our driveway," she asked.

One week ago, Cristina was visiting her husband in the hospital as she watched police bringing someone into the hospital, and she knew it was Gasparyan.

Cristina said she has no message for Gasparyan, she just wants her husband to survive.

"There was days we didn't think he was going to make it, but we're more hopeful now. But he's looking at months and months of hospitalization and recovery," Cristina said.

Cristina said her husband is going to have his eighth surgery or procedure on Tuesday since the shooting.

Cristina said she was originally worried about running into Gasparyan's family or friends in the hallways. She was told Gasparyan was not being allowed any visitors and he was handcuffed to his bed.

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