Federal Warrant: Missing Rookie Cop's Dad Helped Him Flee to Texas

The 27-year-old had been with the LAPD since June 2014 and was officially terminated from the department on Tuesday

A rookie Los Angeles police officer accused of murder fled to Texas with the help of his father, according to a federal warrant issued Thursday.

Henry Solis, 27, is accused of murder in the fatal shooting of 23-year-old Salome Rodriguez Jr. in Pomona last Friday. Solis had been with the LAPD since June 2014 and was terminated from the department on Tuesday.

The warrant alleges Solis got into a physical altercation in downtown Pomona, then "pursued Rodriguez on foot and shot him multiple times, killing him."

Solis is accused in the warrant of calling his father, Victor Solis, the day of the shooting.

"Shortly after these phone calls, Victor Solis left his Lancaster home in a hurry," the warrant states.

FBI agents interviewed Victor Solis in El Paso, Texas, on Monday after he, his dog and his truck were spotted, according to the warrant. Victor Solis allegedly told agents that he drove his son to El Paso on March 13 and dropped him off at a bus station, but that he does not know where his son is.

A warrant issued March 17 by the California Superior Court charged Henry Solis with one count of murder.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck on Tuesday condemned the officer, saying he "dishonored this police department, your country and your service to the country and your family."

"You should turn yourself in and face the consequences for your action," said Beck, who officially terminated Henry Solis from the LAPD later that day.

"The mere fact that he is not cooperating with the Pomona Police Department and he has not shown up for work is sufficient to terminate," Beck said.

Hundreds have been mourning Rodriguez Jr.'s death, with some 200 people attending a Wednesday night vigil.

"God took the backbone of our family," Rodriguez Jr.'s mother Lidia Rodriguez told the crowd.

Eight-year-old brother JJ was in tears as he appealed for justice at the vigil.

"I would like Henry Solis to turn himself in. We just want answers," another family member said.

Police asked anyone with information to call 909-620-2085.

Andrew Blankstein contributed to this report.

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