Fine Wines Win Fans at The Ahwahnee This Autumn

The Vintners' Holidays will spotlight a stellar line-up of libations (as well as great food, too).

HELLO AGAIN, AHWAHNEE: A certain grand and historic lodge has been in the news in recent days, thanks to the return of its name. While this moment means many things to devoted fans, just about everyone who has spent some happy getaways at the Yosemite National Park landmark is considering when they can return to it again. (Let's be honest: You're probably plotting your next visit the moment you pass the famous hotel gate on your way out.) Here's a plum opportunity to visit that actually has to do with grapes, and it is one of the longstanding celebrations associated with the storied property. It's the...

VINTNERS' HOLIDAYS... we're talking about, the wine-focused festivity that happens just around the time when the breathtaking valley is at its most autumnal. If you're thinking, then, that this must begin around early November, you'd be correct. There are eight sessions in all, giving vino lovers the opportunity to stop by for a two- or three-night session that is spotlighting a vineyard they particularly love, or want to get to know better. And those sessions? The information is up, and live, so pour yourself some pinot and get perusing. Domaine Carneros, Silver Oak Cellars, Twomey Cellars, and Halleck Vineyard will all be in the house, er, hotel from Nov. 3-6, and there are several other star winemakers to come. The final session? That's on from Dec. 4-6, giving you a glorious month-plus of grape-forward learning.

SESSION & LODGING PACKAGES... are available, oh yes. As for what you'll be up to (beyond, yes, drinking wine)? "The elegant event includes a 'Meet the Vintners' reception, four wine tasting sessions, and a five-course dinner featuring dishes paired perfectly to the featured wines." Have you gotten that glass of your favorite pinot yet? Yes? Then start scrolling, and dreaming of your fall sojourn at the now-and-forever Ahwahnee Hotel.

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