Fleet Week San Francisco

Ship tours, band events, and foodie gatherings mark the annual event.

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EPIC SETTING: Fleet Week, and its Fleet-Week-ian spin-offs that occur during larger festivals, happens to take place at locations that are, spoiler alert, rather close to water. This makes sense, given the fact that the United States Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard are at the center of the multi-day, multi-event happening (crews will visit a city's destination, and locals sometimes can visit ships, making Fleet Week a reciprocal deal). And while there are a number of ocean-close burgs that have welcomed crews in the past, there are few that offer the Fleet Week photo opps of the City by the Bay. A Blue Angeles plane zooming by Alcatraz? A ship framed perfectly by the Golden Gate Bridge? It's true; if you want to do something near or over the water, pencil in San Francisco Bay, which instantly lends love to any shot. And a lot of new snaps'll be taken from Thursday, Oct. 4 through Monday, Oct. 8, when Fleet Week once again docks in the city.

SAILOR SOIREES: Ship tours at Pier 80, a military dog demo, Navy bands at Pier 39, and the Parade of Ships under the Golden Gate Bridge (that's on Saturday, Oct. 6) are just a few of the surf-adjacent goings-on during Fleet Week. The Fleet Week Air Show zooms on Sunday, Oct. 7, along with several other events. Oh, and look what else happens to be in town, and on the water, through Sunday, Oct. 7: America's Cup. San Francisco, we know you keep busy, being a famous big city and all, but this has to be quite the bustling week for you. Will everyone be at the waterside? Betting yes.

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