Florida Boy Gives Birthday Money to Teacher, Citing Low Pay

"I've had sweet gestures from students in the past but never money," the teacher said

A Florida third-grader gave his teacher a surprise: $15 and a note saying he didn't think teachers are paid enough.

Shortly before Halloween, Mary Hall Chambers opened a folder in her classroom at Gorrie Elementary School in Tampa. Inside was a note from 9-year-old Parker Williams, along with cash in a zip-top baggie.

"Dear Mrs. Chambers, I don't think that teachers get paid enough for what they do so will you (accept) this gift?" he wrote in black ink, adding: "My own money" with an arrow pointing to the baggie below.

Chambers was charmed by his kind gesture. She later found out that the $15 came from his birthday money.

"I've had sweet gestures from students in the past but never money," Chambers, who has worked as an elementary school teacher for 16 years, said.

"I can't accept this, but appreciate the gesture, Parker," she wrote back. "Students like you are the reason I teach. ☺"

She said his parents saw her note and told her that they didn't know Parker had sent her money.

“I think more people should be nice. It’s a better thing to do than being mean,” Parker, who described Chambers as a "really kind teacher" who focuses her attention on all students, told NBC affiliate WFLA.

The average starting teacher in Florida's Hillsborough County makes around $19 an hour. More experienced teachers make close to $25 an hour.

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