Former Apple Designer Talks Apple Watches

Former Apple senior designer Mark Kawano said that Apple is a secretive company, with many of its workers keeping mum about projects, but many employee may honestly have no idea what's going on with its latest gadgets.

"(When the iPad was revealed) a fair amount of people knew the secret, but more had no idea," he told Press:Here. "Most of the company is learning just like the general consumers are."

That likely was the case with Apple's latest gadget, the Apple Watch, something Kawano has been watching with interest.  "The word they keep using is 'intimate,'" he stated. "I think it has something to do with communication."

Perhaps it enables people to communicate more, but also gives them something to do while working out, monitoring a child or other activity. "I'm not sure it's going to be one single thing at the beginning to get everyone to turn it on, but it definitely will change behaviors," he said.

Christina Farr of Reuters said she disliked the wearables primarily for their lack of sleek design, specifically because they were "chunky."

Kawano said that the primary need was functionality."If it provides a really great utility and the fashion is good enough to justify that, it will do extremely well," he said.

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