Foxconn: Hiring Freeze Not Because of Less iPhone Demand

Foxconn, one of Apple's leading electronics manufacturer has a hiring freeze, but it's not because of reduced orders from the iPhone.
Bruce Liu, a spokesman for Foxconn, told Bloomberg News that the decision was made because o Chinese New Year and wasn't based on iPhone 5 production -- all of which contradicts an earlier Financial Times article that said the slowdown was precisely because of reduced orders from Apple. Apple declined to comment on the stories.
The Taipei company placed a hiring freeze in most of its factories in China and is the largest since 2009, according to the Financial Times. The average worker's time is less than 13 months, which seems to indicate a heavy turnover in only a few months. But the reality of the situation is that the hiring freeze is until March and the end of the Chinese New Year celebration. This makes sense for any Chinese company simply because they won't have an accurate head count until after the holiday, which is officially two weeks.
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