Free World Dealing With the Shock of Megan Fox's “Transformer” Departure

Megan Fox's departure from the next "Transformer" movie has the key principles jumping to claim it was their idea.

Much like the end of a seventh-grade relationship, Fox, Paramount and director Michael Bay are all going for the "I broke up first" line.

Fox's departure gives us all hope that the third "Transformers" will be something actually worth watching  -- Shia LaBeouf even admitted the last one was pretty bad and promised to do better the next time.

But let's dissect the different reasons given for the parting of ways.

1) The studio and Michael Bay want a new love interest: This was the word from, which initially broke the news that Paramount had decided not to pick up Fox's option for the third movie.

As Variety said, Paramount and Bay "want to take the storyline in another direction." Hopefully this direction will include acting ability as well as good looks.

2) Megan Fox wanted to leave: Fox's people quickly got on the horn to to let the world know that it was actually Fox's idea to leave. "It was her decision not to return," reps told the website. "She wishes the franchise the best."

Take that Paramount.

3) Fox and Bay had a bad vibe: This was clear when Fox compared Bay to Hitler in a British magazine. Paramount execs stressed that this had nothing to do with the decision.

Either way world, prepare for a Fox-less "Transformers." Not to worry, you'll have plenty of time to work through it. It's set to open July 1, 2011.

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