Fremont Family Searches for Stolen Tortoise

"I just want him to come home"

A Fremont, California family is searching for their tortoise after they said it was stolen from their front yard Thursday.

When Cassie Padilla first brought her two tortoises home, they were so small they could fit in the palm of her hand.

"They’re brothers, I’ve had them since they were babies, they’re 13 years old," Padilla said.

Padilla said the gate to her home blew open and both tortoises, Jack and Sham walked out of the back yard.

Sham can be seen in the family’s security camera video making his way from the gate down to the street.

Security camera footage also captured a white construction truck pulling up to the home close to where the tortoise was.

"A truck comes by and he stops for a very long time, just out of view of the camera, but you could tell all the cars were backed up behind him," said Padilla. "No one was going anywhere and then he turned around and went back the other direction and no more tortoise."

A good samaritan came to the door to alert Padilla that Jack was in front of her house and she brought him back.

The 13-year-old African sulcata tortoise is microchipped and has a shamrock shaped dog tag near its shell with contact information.

"These tortoises are family, I’ve had them a long time," said Padilla. "I just want him to come home."

Anyone with information is asked the call local authorities.

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