Garland Warrant Officer Fixing Elderly Man’s Fence to Keep Him Out of Trouble

Just when things seemed to be piling up on a Garland man, down on his luck, a group of strangers stepped in to help. They're fixing a fence that was getting him in trouble and an off-duty officer is leading the charge.

On a hot Texas day, a group of Good Samaritans were hard at work sending a message.

When deputy warrant officer Steve Frazier got a call about an elderly man racking up code violations for an old, leaning fence, he decided to do something about it.

"Most of the time, people are good," said Frazier, who works for the Garland City Marshall's Office.

And he wasn't alone.

"One thing led to another and more people volunteered," he said,

Together they tore the fence down and dug new holes for the posts, all chipping in for extra materials.

"Look around. Give back to your community, give back to the people and have compassion and love for your neighbor," Frazier said.

The homeowner, sick and in the hospital, was expecting a court date. Instead, he's getting a helping hand.

"We saw a family in need and hopefully this inspires other people to do this for neighbors and anybody that would need help," Frazier said.

They're restoring hope one board at a time.

Frazier's son and his friends are joining in. They plan to finish the job Saturday.

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