Get Your Facebook Profile Pic in the Louvre


 A few Londoners are trying to get your profile picture in some of the world's most exclusive museums -- you just have to like their Facebook page.

The Profile Picture Exhibition team has been given the green light to show off the pictures garnered from Facebook in three prestigious museums: the Louvre, London's National Portrait Gallery and the Metropolitan Museum of Art,  if they can get at least 1 million Facebook profile pics -- and that means at least 1 million have to join the effort and "Like" the page, according to CNET.  So far, that number is hovering around 2,500.

The effort by British ad men Ben Beale and Rory Forrest is reportedly being done to democratize portraiture. In previous times portraiture was for those of means rather than the everyday folk. And what is more everyday now than someone's Facebook profile? Both Beale and Forrest then thought up this project and reportedly approached museums who weren't interested until they hit the million-photo mark.

"The thing that hit us the most was that over 1 billion of us have Facebook profile pictures now, a seventh of the entire globe, and if our profile pics can be considered art, the profile picture phenomenon has to be the biggest art movement of all time," Beale told CNET. "A truly humbling thought." 

We're not sure this is legitimate because there was no comment from the Louvre, National Portrait Gallery or Metropolitan Museum of Art, and those are some pretty bold claims from two guys on the Internet. Nonetheless, if you would like to partake of this possible exhibition, check out the group's Facebook page.

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