‘Gilmore Girls' Fan Pulls Off the Perfect Stars Hollow Proposal

Gilmore Girls fan Molly Larimer thought she on a normal tour of the Warner Bros. studio — until her boyfriend, Sebastian Wright, pulled her onto the same gazebo where Lorelai and Luke swapped their vows and asked her to marry him.

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Courtesy Molly Larimer
Sebastian Wright, right, may have had to do plenty of fast talking to get his girlfriend, Molly Larimer, up on the Stars Hollow gazebo to do an "improv scene."
Courtesy Molly Larimer
But he soon dropped the pretense — and onto one knee — to propose to his girlfriend of four years.
Larimer said she had "no idea. No one gave me any hints."
WB via Getty Images
The Stars Hollow gazebo, a visual lynchpin of the iconic series, captured Larimer's focus. "She would talk about that gazebo," Wright said. "Every time we drive anywhere and see a gazebo she's like, 'Look, it's a gazebo.'"
Courtesy Molly Larimer
Wright also became a "Gilmore Girls" fan after Larimer got him into it.
Courtesy Molly Larimer
The couple, both from San Diego, said they did not expect the attention that followed.
Courtesy Molly Larimer
Let's raise a cup of Luke’s coffee to the happy couple!
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