Lemonade Stand of Girl Who Dreams of Being a Cop Booms Thanks to Dozens of Officers

Dozens of officers visited the girl's lemonade stand and a police helicopter buzzed overhead

Dozens of thirsty police officers responded to an "emergency" call to visit a lemonade stand run by a 3-year-old girl who dreams of being a cop in Kansas City, Missouri.

Hannah Pasley set up her lemonade stand last Friday and Saturday to raise money to buy her own police uniform, the Kansas City Star reports. After buying the uniform Saturday morning, Hannah returned to her stand — wearing police coat and hat — that afternoon.

When the flow of customers thinned, Hannah's aunt, Ashly Rooks, and her friend Sierra Moore took to Facebook to encourage officers to visit.

Rooks says the street was soon packed with squad cars. Moore says "50 plus" officers responded, and a police helicopter buzzed overhead.

"At one point it was so funny because nobody had anywhere to park," Rooks told the Star. "It was literally squad cars all the way down."

They gave Hannah a Kansas City Police Department patch and a Clay County Junior Deputy badge.

"I love police," Hannah said Sunday, the Star reported. "I'm going to be a police officer when I get big."

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