Golden-Voiced Homeless Man Says Fame Came Too Soon

Admits chasing after opportunities

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"Golden-voiced" homeless guy Ted Williams says his unlikely fame came too quickly.

Discovered living on the streets of Columbus, Ohio, Williams, a former disc jockey, became an overnight sensation after video of his smooth talking went viral. He was offered a house, a job, appearances on morning and late-night shows and even a milkshake named in his honor. The family he'd previously abandoned resurfaced, and so did past demons.

"I just wanted to take advantage of every media outlet that I could for the sake of not having to wake up and have somebody say it was a dream," Williams exclusively told E! News at Millions of Milkshakes in West Hollywood, where he was honored with his very own concoction, The Golden Shake. "So, I rushed into a few things."

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He also rushed out of rehab, where he was trying to get clean under the care of Dr. Phil.

"I love Dr. Phil. I don't want to bash him in any way," said Williams. "I walked out of treatment because it was a little scripted, I felt. There was no anonymity. I want him to know that his cares and his concerns will not be in vain. I am going to try and truly get back into the swing of things."

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