Google Seeks “World’s Best Pokemon Master”

Google via YouTube

Those with an eye out for April Fool's Day jokes found Google's latest contribution on its Google Japan blog, hunting for wild Pokemon on Google Maps.

The video (also available on YouTube) says that Google is seeking applicants to become the "world's best Pokemon master," according to Google Maps vice president Brian McClendon. In order to do this, applicants must master the Google Maps Pokemon Challenge.

Despite it being a goof, it really is a game that works on both iOS and Android and can be found on the Google Maps app. Users should update Google Maps and tap the "Search" function. A new "Press Start" option will appear with a Pokeball icon, which means the game awaits, according to The Next Web. The Pokemon can be added to the game's Pokedex.

Obviously Google must have gotten permission from Nintendo to go a little "old skool" for April Fool's, and we think it's probably going to be greatly appreciated -- not so much as a joke, but judging from the reviews, for the augmented reality game play.

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