Google Hires Chief Game Designer

Getty Images

Google has hired computer games veteran Noah Falstein to become its Chief Game Designer.

But wait, you may ask, since when does Google have game designers? Apparently Google is working on a "major gaming project," according to TechCrunch. It's unknown if the move to create games is based on making Google Glass a singular experience or simply that Google has decided to focus on gaming.

A previous version of his LinkedIn profile said his position was Chief Game Designer at Android Play Studio, but was switched recently to Chief Game Designer at Google. This isn't a surprise since Google created the Android platform and Google Play, which sells games and other apps. Falstein also has a history of creating "Serious Games" which means game techniques for apps other than for "pure entertainment," TechCrunch reported.

Whether Falstein is hired to create games for Google Glass or help the world create ways to 
improve health, finances or education, Google definitely has something new for users. Let's hope it's fun.
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