Played the “A Google a Day” Trivia Puzzle?

Google quietly launched its "A Google a Day"  trivia puzzle a few months ago, asking users to put their Google and critical thinking skills to the test. Now the puzzle and its answer (spoiler warning!) is a daily feature on Wired's GeekDad and Google is now hawking the new feature to libraries around the country.

Google initially launched the trivia game last April and in the New York Times (above the crossword puzzle, natch!) From the Official Google Blog:

Traditional trivia games have a rule that you can't cheat—you can't look things up in books, you can't ask your friends and you certainly can't ask Google. But what if there were a trivia game where you could not only ask Google, but were encouraged to do so? Imagine how difficult the questions would need to be with the power of the world's information at your fingertips. 

The puzzle is a boon to librarians, who enjoy an interactive riddle more than most, but also because it helps patrons learn how to find information via search engines. Google said it will also collaborate with individual libraries to create localized or specific questions. (Sites can now embed the Google puzzle.)

The questions have been written by people from all walks of life, including doctors, biologists and journalists -- however most are probably from Google interns, like today's question by Liz Wessel:

What is the English name for the peninsula that is northwest of the former capital of the country that had its archbishop flee after a coup in the 1970s?

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