Google: New Mobile Developers Wanted

Are you a software engineer, product manager or other techie and need a job? As long as you have an idea for a mobile application, Google is looking to hire you.

With mobile app revenue expected to reach $15 billion, Google is attempting to beef up its Android offerings to surpass Apple's 350,000 applications, the Wall Street Journal reported. Although Android has around 250,000 apps available, it has only created 20 in-house and Google wants that to change -- quickly.

"The company, they said, will bankroll small groups of engineers to create a range of apps, from the kinds of games made famous by Rovio Mobile Ltd.'s Angry Birds to services that are based on a user's location, like the popular app from Foursquare Labs Inc. that lets users 'check in' with friends at, say, a store or park," according to the WSJ article.
Benjamin Ling, a product management director for Google, will be heading up the recruitment efforts, the the report with anonymous sources said. The company also hopes to save time by finding those already working on a mobile app idea and create an Android lab of sorts.
For many, this Google idea will be met with a sigh-filled, "Finally!" The Google that used to spark innovation has become boringly corporate nowadays, and any kind of idea lab -- even if it is for ubiquitous mobile apps -- is a welcome change to the Silicon Valley landscape.

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