Google Readies App to Monitor Your Mobile Use

2. Google
Getty Images

Google is working on a project that will pay users to let the tech titan monitor their mobile app usage, according to a report.

The service, dubbed the "Mobile Meter", will use iOS and Android apps to monitor app usage and Web browsing, then send the information back to Google, according to Engadget. Google plans to compensate users with rewards akin to research firm Nielsen, which offers a downloadable Android app that provides its contributors with points that can be redeemed for prizes.

However, Google had no comment on the report, but Engadget went on to say that the service will be entirely voluntary. We have written previously about how most app developers and tech leaders collect data, but Google will reportedly anonymize the data to protect its panelists' privacy.

The truth is that anyone with a smartphone or computer is likely being tracked by a number of sources. The only difference here is that there's some compensation for sharing that information voluntarily.

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