Google Readying Android Wear

Google announced that it would launch its first update to Android Wear this week and will later include supporting third-party developers, according to reports.
The news came Tuesday when two top Android engineers said that the update would include navigation and voice controls, according to The Verge. Later updates will also include supporting "custom watch faces from third-party developers" and likely supporting GPS and Bluetooth headsets.
While none of these improvements are amazing, it does show that Google plans on keeping Android Wear up-to-date and competitive with Apple (at least until we see what Apple has to offer on Sept. 9.) Google also plans on having "thousands of apps" to use on the devices.
Since news of the update comes a mere week before Apple's Sept. 9 event, we can only assume that Google has done this to steal some of the limelight before the media gorges itself on Apple's publicity blitz.
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