Google Releases New, Non-Molten, Chrome Adapter

Google New Laptop

Google recalled its HP Chromebook 11 power adapters for overheated (and reportedly melting)  week, but has now released its newer, safer option.

Both Google and HP halted sales of the $269 laptop last month after first hearing reports, according to The Verge, but the official recall wasn't made public by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission until this week. Google will replace the power adapters free of charge.

The federal agency had nine reports of the Chromebook adapters overheating and melting while in use. However, one of the new features of the device was that it could be charged by any micro-USB cord from from most USB ports, so the adapter overheating was "unfortunate," according to 9to5Google.

Google said that if affected only machines sold before Dec. 1, so the newer ones on the shelves or bought online will likely be OK. Still, the recall will hamper sales, especially since it happened so close to the busy holiday shopping season.

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