Google Reserves the Right to Delete Email in “Extreme” Situations

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Google reserves the right to delete the emails of Gmail users in "extreme" situations.

One woman (on the Internet) claims she found out the hard way after a folder containing copyrighted material was deleted by the search giant without her permission.

Today I noticed that with my gmail account, where i had a folder for mp3 files, all of the mp3 files which contain copywrighted (sic) material or files that would match copywrightedsic material, have now been deleted, not by me, but by Google...

A Google spokeswoman declined to comment on any specific cases but said the Mountain View-based company sometimes is forced to act.

"While we don’t comment on specific cases, our policies have not changed," She said. "Emails, data and files contained in Gmail are users' private information. Like all Google services, Gmail complies with applicable laws, which may include acting upon clear notices of alleged copyright infringement."

The woman in the original complaint said the music from several independent artists were left in the folder where the other music had been deleted from.

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