Google+ Sees 60% Traffic Dip

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Google+ is not what it once was.

The social-networking site that go off to such a bang and immediately forced Facebook to make long overdue changes to its privacy controls, appears to have lost some of its fizzle.

The service was initially an invite only social network when Google first launched it earlier this year.

Traffic to Google+ spike 1,200 percent in a 24 hour period and it quickly attracted 10 million users in its first two weeks on the market.

But a new study by web analytic firm Chitika says traffic to the site is down by 60 percent.

The firm says Google+ has a real Facebook problem in terms of old habits die hard.

It suggests that all is not lost for Google and its social media endeavors though. The study says that Google can continue to draw traffic back and compete with Facebook by being ahead when it comes innovation.

Much of Google+'s early attraction was its exclusive invite only moniker and some of its features -- such as Hangouts and Circles -- that Facebook didn't have.

Facebook has since adopted some of those features, introducing its own version of Circles.

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