Google Search: Where It’s Been, Where It’s Headed


Answers to questions, that's all Google wants to serve users.

Google's recent video, "The Evolution of Search in Six Minutes," dives into how the company went from a research project in 1996 to where it's heading next, with more and more answers.

Universal results -- marrying all types of content -- has been refined to the point of almost seamless user engagement. Their Quick Answers feature even predicts what we're searching for (real-time sports scores, as an example).

Voice search and searching by image have also come online recently, with an elegant new phone app to help things along.

The goal? To build the Star Trek computer: Walk up, ask it a complex, multipart question that might involve editorializing or opinion and get an answer. Fast.

As a company, though, what Google's done in its short life is damned impressive, illustrated here with a timeline from their official blog.

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