Google Wanted Flipboard, Will Compete Instead

[CNBCs] 20110815t113914z01btre77e0wds00rtroptp3google.jpg

Google stepped to Flipboard last year, made an offer to buy it and were politely rejected. So now they'll compete with the elegant news-curation darling on the iPad and Android.

It's called Propeller, according to Kara Swisher and others, and it's a real mind scrambler. OK, that's hyperbole, but the words around this pending launch are pretty breathless. (A 'News Revolution,' according to Slashgear.)

Richard Scoble, who first posted the leak on his G+ page, has a source saying "mind-blowing good."

A subject-based content reader is how users are getting more and more content from a more and more loud internet. The elegance and customization of Flipboard, Zite and have attracted savvy couch-sitters for a little over a year.

And with Facebook's 'Subscription' announcement (akin to G+'s Circles) perhaps Google is holding back on launching some more shots across FB's bow.

The two Silicon Valley giants still have a slight disagreement on how to handle any possible sharing of each other's massive amount of user data and patterns. Or, as some call it, a war.

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