Google Wants You to Add New Year's Resolutions

Google wants you to think about 2013 as you look back on 2012, so it's creating a New Year's resolutions page on Google Zeitgeist where you can post your intentions to the world.

"Filter through resolutions by category—from health to career, and everything in between. With the power of Google Translate, you can also explore what people across the globe are hoping for in 2013," Google wrote on its Google+ page.

While the Zeitgeist page does have a 2012 highlight video, it also features an interactive global map of resolutions. Just looking at the maps lets users see that the majority of resolutions, not surprisingly, are about getting in shape or regularly exercising. Others run the gamut from New York's  "Getting engaged" to a Canadian's desire of "Making a 'Call Me Maybe' video." Someone in London wants to "Go mountaineering," while another person in France resolves "Less work, more sailing."

Google apparently is attempting to bind the world together with its software, but is that always such a bad thing? While some may lament that Google is taking over the iOS with its apps, the reality is that it attracts people because it works or is entertaining. This New Year's resolution page is obviously the latter, but we can find little wrong with it.

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