Googlers Bring Their Parents to Work

Adults are hitting the 'Plex.

Google HQ
Getty Images

The average age at Google just jumped.  A lot.

Putting a spin on the "Take Your Daughters to Work" day, Google is hosting adults today, for what the company calls "Take Your Parents to Work" day.  You can just imagine all the adults walking around the brightly covered campus, gawking at the dinosaur bones, and saying things like, "So this is what you do for a living..."

Google is known for going all out on these kinds of things.  It's "Daughters to Work" days transform the campus into a giant day care center, complete with cool experiments aimed at sparking the next generation of Silicon Valley engineers.  Lots of things to make your kid (I know my daughter did when I brought her to work and covered the Google story) say, "Hey, I'd like to work here one day."

Well, today is all about the older generation.  You might call them "Greyglers."  They'll get to see what a Silicon Valley powerhouse is all about, and probably wish their companies offered the kinds of cool benefits - and cafeterias - their kids get to enjoy.

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