Googlers Unite to Create ‘Ideal’ Beer

Google partnered with a Delaware brewery to create a dark beer that would suit its thousands of employees, using 100 ingredients from around the world.

After querying its various offices for ideas, Google created its new beer, now called Urkontinent, according to PCWorld.

The final recipe for the Belgian Dubbel-style beer includes things like wattleseed from Australia, amaranth from South America, green roobios tea from Africa, Myrica Gale from Europe and even Google honey, which comes from Mountain View, Calif. where the company keeps bees at its headquarters.

Google told PCWorld that while it's a "Googler-driven project" that Google would not receive any proceeds on the sale of the beer and aren't getting involved in the beer business. However, a 13-minute video on YouTube shows that both Google and Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales seems to indicate the two have a symbiotic relationship -- it's mainly a joint marketing campaign for the brewery and Google's suite of products.

Dogfish now has the beer on tap at its Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats pub in Rehoboth Beach, Del., but will be packaging the beer for sale later this year. The most interesting thing about the beer? That's it's almost double the usual alcohol content at 8.1 percent, the NY Daily News reported.

Those Googlers really like a happy hour.

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