Google’s ‘Tech Support Care Package’ = Genius


Missed Mother's Day? No problem. Father's Day is around the corner? Sweat it not.

Ever played the role of tech support for either parent? Google's got you -- with easy-to-digest, two-minute, how-to videos. Tech Support Care Packages for parents. Genius.

Mom/Dad: Hi, do you have a second to help me with the computers?

You: I sure do. What's up?

Mom/Dad: How can I make the Tweeters look bigger on my screen?? .... And how can I check if this nice Nigerian prince is really needing this much money from me? I mean, how does he know my email address?

You (typing furiously to pull up Google's Tech Support page): Tell you what, Mom. I'm sending you an email that will help you with both those problems, ok? Meanwhile, how's Mom/Dad/Dog/Neighbor?

It's all quite easy: users address the email to Mom or Dad, pick whether they are shocked/impressed/worried/jazzed about the parents' computer interests and then choose which videos will be the most help.

Here's one about phishing emails:

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