Emma Stone Demands Ryan Gosling Host “SNL”

"Crazy Stupid Love" stars Ryan Gosling as a stone-cold Lothario named Jacob who offers to help a newly single middle-aged man, Cal, played by Steve Carell, reclaim his manhood. But just as his star pupil is beginning to enjoy success with the ladies, Jacob falls for a sexy redhead, Hannah, played by Emma Stone. We recently met with first Gosling and the Stone to talk about their new film, with each good-naturedly mocking the other for their deep-seated fears.

There's a scene in "Crazy Stupid Love" that calls for Gosling to catch Stone in the same fashion that Patrick Swayze caught Jennifer Grey in "Dirty Dancing." Despite the newly buff physique Gosling was sporting for the role, Stone refused.

"I tried to do it on Emma Stone, but she wouldn’t let me, she was too scared. She thought I was gonna drop her," Gosling explained.

"I kept trying to lift her up, and her whole body would turn into a bagful of rats, I'd be trying to wrangle it, and she say, "You're gonna drop me, you're gonna drop me." And then she said, "Prove (you can do it)." So we got a stunt lady in and I did it 10 times in front of her, never dropping this young lady. And them when it was over, Emma said, 'Well now that you've done it 10 times, you've got to be tired."

While Stone confesses to having refused to take the jump, she say her fears ran far deeper that any lack of faith in Gosling.

"I had a panic attack because when I was 7 I was standing on the parallel bars in gymnastics, and I fell off of them forward, breaking both of my arms," said Stone. "Two casts. Think about it---all summer long in Arizona? Sexy. I mean I was 7 so that's disgusting to even say 'sexy' as a joke…So I had this dormant primal fear that came out when he took me over his head and I was afraid I was gonna topple forward. And Ryan keeps thinking it was because I thought he wasn't strong enough. But the guy was clearly strong…he had a muscle-y body.

For Gosling, just doing comedy was terrifying enough. Asked if he'd be interested in doing something like "Saturday Night Live," the actor recoiled visibly.

"Oh, I'm too scared. I had to get up the guts to do this."

When this is relayed to Stone, the actress' head lolls back as she rolls her eyes. A nerve has been touched.

"You don’t know how extensive this conversation is…("SNL") was the highlight of my life… I hate that he said that in an interview. He's not too scared put him on the show. Oooohhh… He would be great—he would be great. It makes me so mad. He would be so great on that show. And I wanna go do a little sketch with him. It's so much fun and that cast is so warm and welcoming and great—it’s just the best experience ever. The adrenaline that goes into something like that, I think it's good for everyone. If you get the opportunity to do something like that, why wouldn’t you want to do something like that?"

It's seems pretty clear that Gosling and Stone need to do a "Dirty Dancing" sketch on "Saturday Night Live."

"Crazy, Stupid, Love" opens July 29.

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