Gov. Brown Faces New Deadline

Getty Images

County elections officials weighed in on the current budget stalement in Sacramento. They said Gov. Jerry Brown has until the end of this week to get lawmakers to approve his plan for June special election. After that, it will be too late.

Brown wants the vote to happen on June 21 before families start their summer vacations and before the tax increases enacted two years ago expire.

Gail Pellerin, president of the statewide county clerks association told the Associated Press that counties would ideally need to know by this Friday in order to organize poll workers and order ballots and envelopes for a June 21 election.

By law, an election must be set a minimum of 88 days in advance to give counties enough time to prepare, although the Legislature has the authority to change that.

Lawmakers are expected to vote on the remaining two parts of Brown's budget proposal, which would include the ballot measure, sometime this week.

Brown needs at least two Republicans in each house to back his plan and so far there is no evidence he has convinced anyone to cross party lines.

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