Run, Tim! Run!

Assemblyman Airport Weapon

Tim Donnelly may save us.

By us, I don't necessarily mean California. But that slice of California known as the media.

The Republican state legislator has declared that he is considering a run for governor in 2014. He has no chance of winning -- Donnelly is a former Minuteman who is best known for trying to carry a gun on board a plane -- but he could spice up what is shaping up as a deadly dull election.

Gov. Jerry Brown is expected to run for re-election, and right now he looks like a shoo-in. Democrats seem unlikely to challenge him, and the Republican Party, in disarray, may not have a serious candidate.

But it will have Donnelly.

That's not good for Republicans -- he reinforces stereotypes about Republicans as reckless, anti-immigrant gun nuts -- but Donnelly is incapable of being boring. He'll create stories and a debate.

So let me say, on behalf of the state's journalists, don't think about it too long, Assemblyman. Run, Tim! Run!

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