Grass Valley Vibrant: Cornish Christmas

Go Gold Country and stroll about this sweet street fair.

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STREET FAIR SHINE: While summertime is (correctly) known as being the biggest season for street festivals, the holidays also have their share of alfresco, stroll-around, eat-and-walk celebrations. True, most of the attendees are bundled up, or at least rocking a hat or scarf, the kind of warmer clothing that does not make a showing in June, July, and August. But you can count on the conviviality to have a particular focus which you don't see in the summer, and that is yuletide cheer, a cheer that's found in the hot drinks and caroling-filled moments and other fa, la, la hallmarks. The Cornish Christmas in Grass Valley is a thriving example of a street fair that's flush with the good feelings of the holidays, and history, too, and it stretches out over a few Friday nights, beginning on...

FRIDAY, NOV. 25: If the northern Gold Country burg is one of your go-to getaway spots, then you know that this festival has been around for nearly 50 years. In fact, it kicked off in 1967, as "a way to preserve Grass Valley's Cornish heritage and holiday traditions," something it has been doing, with music and food and costuming and crafts, with aplomb and moxie, both. Along the stroll look for wines to sample in local tasting rooms, the roasting (and eating) of chestnuts, and other touches that speak to the day when Cornish miners first arrived in the Grass Valley area. The final Friday of 2016? It's on Friday, Dec. 23, which comes a few days after the close of another big street fair up the road, Nevada City's Victorian Christmas.

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