Greater Closure for “The Closer”


“The Closer’s” getting some additional closure before wrapping for good, but the door for more crime-solving is still open a crack for some of its stars.

For fans of the Kyra Sedgwick-starring series, there’s the good news and then there’s possibly even better news: TNT’s ordered additional six episodes of the series to close out its seventh and final season, and there may be a spinoff (tentatively titled “Major Crimes”) featuring some of the show’s characters to follow.

“We're going to do a couple of more episodes for this season,” Sedgwick tells PopcornBiz. “We just felt that we needed a couple more episodes to wrap it all up.”

While the actress, who won a Golden Globe in 2007 and an Emmy in 2010 for her performance as investigator Brenda Leigh Johnson, will be exiting the series as viewers know it now, she’s hoping that some of her castmates will continue on in the spinoff. “Very much so,” she said.

Sedgwick’s TV hubby Jon Tenney tells PopcornBiz he doesn’t yet know exactly what the creators have in mind for the possible spinoff. “We're going to be doing an additional six episodes and I think that'll segue into something,” says Tenney. “What that is, we're not sure.”

Tenney didn’t know what to make of the notion that his character Fritz could somehow continue on without Brenda Leigh at his side. “I certainly love everyone that I'm working with and it would be lovely to continue working with them,” he says, “but that's the thing about being an actor: everything at the end of the day is a la carte. That's how it is.”

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