“Green Hornet” Trailer a Big Step Up From Yesterday's Pics

A day after the release of a couple of "Green Hornet" pics that left us underwhelmed, a trailer has dropped that has us feeling properly whelmed.

The new trailer is packed with action, just enough plot and not too much funny, showing Seth Rogen and Jay Chou as the Green Hornet and Kato, respectively, as they join forces to fight the bad guys in LA. The cast is filled out with Tom Wilkinson as the Hornet's father, Cameron Diaz as his secretary and Christoph Waltz as gangster Benjamin Chudnofsky.

Rogen appears to be bringing a measure of Apatowian bromance to the proceedings, while Chou, seems the perfect foil for such idiocy, game to fight crime, but not much more.

Of course we're a little saddened to see the old "how does this gun work?" gag trotted out yet again and we would've thought a man of the Hornet's fabulous wealth would drink something better than Corona.

Finally, as much as our enthusiasm has been renewed, we can't help but be nervous about this movie being put through the 3D conversion wringer. "The Green Hornet" comes out Jan. 14.

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