Greg Grunberg Shocked But Game for Racy “Love Bites”

Greg Grunberg loved the opportunity of moonlighting for the newly picked-up NBC comedy "Love Bites," but the "Heroes" star was a little taken aback by the subject matter.

Especially when he found himself in a tiny airplane bathroom with Jennifer Love Hewitt.

"We joined the Mile High Club together," he tells PopcornBiz. "It is network television. I was just as shocked when I read the script. I was like, 'What? Really?"

"But then again, the description of the show is tales of sex and love."

Working with Jennifer Love Hewitt for the first time ("was a blast!), even if it meant he had to read her saucy book "The Day I Shot Cupid."

"It was research. I'm like, I'm going to be spending some time with her in the bathroom," he explains. "I'm reading it and going, 'Wow, I shouldn't be reading this.' There are really some moments of TMI."

Despite that, "Love Bites"  -- a series of romcom sketches -- allows for people with other steady projects to step in. "I can still go in and do that even with a show. Jennifer Love Hewitt can still do it with 'Ghost Whisperers,' " says Grunberg.

"It went so well that they said if it goes to series we'd love to have you back. I said sure," he adds.

"People are going to laugh. It's very funny."


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