Greyhounds Gather

Beautiful pups and their loving owners make for Solvang.

THE GREAT GREYHOUND: Just about every breed has its own convention, of sorts, now. Some are large, some seem to happen weekly, some happen once a decade (we feel like there is an informal Pug party going on every day of the year somewhere, which is good and right). Dog people like to gather together and discuss their favorite topic and show off their BFFs. It's a fact. And one of the best known of the breed gatherings is just ahead. It's the Solvang Greyhound Festival, which also goes by the name of West Coast Greyhound Gathering. Meaning that it isn't simply a pup party for locals; people do come from all over. Which they'll be doing from Friday, Feb. 24 through Sunday, Feb. 26.

ON THE SCHEDULE: A blessing of the hounds, a Greyhound nose work demo (intriguing), and the Solvang Streak, which will allow humans and the four-footers to trek around town (walking is fine or running, which, we've heard, Greyhounds kind of love to do). It's a three-day party that's both about the dog and enjoying the village, in short. Now that we think of it, save pomp-filled dog shows, do other breeds get their own three-day get-togethers? We're sure they do, and we're sure they look to the West Coast confab for inspiration.

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