Happy 10th, Skytrail

Alysia Gray Painter

LOVE TREES: Things don't change too much at the Trees of Mystery, one of California's great vintage roadside attractions. And when we say "things don't change too much" we mean things are changing constantly. The famously gargantuan inhabitants of the attraction continue to grow before our eyes, even if the growth is imperceptible. But a major change arrived at the Klamath-close attraction in June 2001. That was when the Skytrail opened, which gave visitors a lofty, tram-style view of the amazing redwoods below, and the rarely seen tippy-tops of the noble giants.

SUMMER TRIP: The Trees of Mystery won't be doing anything for the Skytrail's anniversary, but warmer weather brings one happy development for fans of the Elephant Tree and the Fallen Giant. The attraction moves to longer hours (usually starting on June 1, but things got going on Friday, May 27 due to Memorial Day Weekend). We'd take advantage of the longer day and take the Skytrail up that mountain behind the Trees of Mystery. Watching the sun get low over massive redwoods and the Pacific is really only a sight that can be seen in a couple of spots on earth.

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