‘He's Trying to Kidnap Me': Registered Sex Offender Allegedly Attempts to Abduct Girl From Bathroom

A registered sex offender is back in jail after allegedly attempting to abduct a young girl in a Brunswick, Georgia, restaurant, NBC affiliate WTLV reported

"The girl runs out screaming he is trying to kidnap me," said Amber, who did not want to give her last name, and works at the Sonny's BBQ where the attempted abduction took place.

Around 4:30 Saturday afternoon workers heard a child scream from the bathroom.

"As a mom, when I heard that scream, a reality check came over me and probably along with my whole entire staff," Amber said.

Police arrested John Schuler - a registered Sex offender. Officials say he allegedly grabbed the girl by the throat before she scared him off.

"We immediately did like a lockdown. I was not going to let him leave the store," Amber said.

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