History's Alive at Friends of Bodie Day

Find your 1800s get-up and get up to the Mono County historic site.

KEEPING AN OLD-TIMEY ENSEMBLE... near the front of the closet? Like, next to your windbreaker and gym jacket and the dress you wear to the farmers' market each Sunday? You're definitely a devoted fan of wayback events, those happenings where dressing up in a full time-travel-y look is not only recommended but encouraged. Still, though, most of keep our old-timey clothes near the back of the closet, if we own any at all. Now is the time, however, to go out and gather garb that says "1870" and "silver mining" and "ye olde California," for...

FRIENDS OF BODIE DAY... is again galloping this way. Nope, dressing in period style isn't mandatory at the Saturday, Aug. 10 happening, but a lot of people will go for it, with head-to-toe panache. But costuming isn't the only fabulous element of the day. There shall be historical reenactments, too, at Bodie State Historic Park, widely considered to be one of the most intact ghost towns around. Other things you'll want to peer through your pince-nez at as you saunter around the town, which still boasts dozens of 1800s-era buildings? The arts & crafts vendors, the horses and buggies, and all of the other delightful details that the Bodie Foundation, the day's organizer, so winningly weaves through the scene. 

ARE YOU A BODIE BUFF, through and through? Have you photographed it in all sorts of light? This is a day you'll want to check out, because it draws together many of the town's devotees for one worthy cause: Bringing attention to the remote landmark and helping to support its future, too. More information? Steer your buggie over to this page pronto.

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