Best Holiday Gifts for Movie Fans

This Holiday season, make sure you go that extra mile to impress the movie buff in your life.

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Ben Hur: 50th Anniversary Blu-ray: The multi-Oscar-winning epic (11 to be exact) gets a worthy box set celebration for its golden anniversary, replete with supplemental goodies (and a reprint of Charlton Heston's set diary). Perfect for: The sword-and-sandals enthusiast in your life. Find it:, $65
"Band of Brothers"/"The Pacific" Blu-ray Box Set: Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg produced these extraordinarily epic, World War II miniseries for HBO, and they are paired together in this handsome box set. Perfect for: Veterans, or anyone who enjoys a gripping war yarn. Find it:, $199.
Last Exit to Nowhere T-Shirts: These graphic T's are the ultimate test for the true buff. Recognize Lao Che Air Freight from "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom"? Or Polymer Records, from "This is Spinal Tap"? How about "The Breakfast Club's" Shermer High School? Perfect for: Trivia geeks. Find it:, $28 (converted from British pounds)
"Harry Potter" Complete 8-Film Blu-ray Box Set: The entire Potter saga bound together in one volume, just right for nestling on the shelf next to your hardcover editions of the novels. Perfect for: A Potter completist or a fan who has the supernatural patience to not have already purchased all eight movies on Blu-ray. Find it:, $140
The "Three Colors" Trilogy: Criterion Collection Blu-ray: Polish director Krzysztof Kieslowski's final masterpiece in hi-def, with never-before-scene making of docs, and even a few of Kieslowski's rarely seen short films. Perfect for: The art-house cinema fan. Find it:, $63.96
"Batman: Arkham City": This Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 game immerses you in crime-ravaged Gotham (borrowing heavily from the look and feel of Christopher Nolan's movies), allowing you to do everything The Batman can. Perfect for: Anyone who can't wait for "Dark Knight Rises." Find it:, $59.99
"Monsters in the Movies" by John Landis: Who better to organize a coffee table book chronicling the various monsters, demons, mutants, and freaks who have terrorized movie-goers for decades than the man who directed "An American Werewolf in London" and the "Thriller" video? Perfect for: Horror movie buffs. Find it:, $40
Stay Puft Marshmallows: You can't call yourself a "Ghostbusters" fan unless you actually have a box of Stay Puft marshmallows. These delectable treats also happen to be caffeinated for that extra bit of crossing-the-streams energy boost. Perfect for: Paranormal investigators; minions of Gozer. Find it:, $19.99
West Side Story: 50th Anniversary Collection: This box set includes rare production stills, ultra-detailed making of features, and even a CD of famous singers covering some of the production's most iconic songs. Perfect for: Fans of classic, iconic musicals; Sharks; Jets. Find it:, $69.99
"Star Wars: The Blueprints": Have you ever wanted to know where the restrooms on the Millennium Falcon where? Here's your chance. This impressively massive (it weighs roughly 35 pounds) book is a treasure trove for Star Wars fans. Perfect for: The fanboy who thinks he has it all. Find it:, $500
Espon MovieMate 85: You have nothing to lose but your big-screen! This projector will give you a 10-foot image from just 12 feet away, and has a built-in DVD player. Perfect for: Anyone with a playroom or backyard. Find it: Amazon, $712
Movie Posters: There's a perfect one for every person on your shopping list, and if you have it framed a cheap gift suddenly becomes a nice piece of art to hang on any wall. Perfect for: Anyone who loves movies and needs help decorating. Find it:, as low as $6.99
"Roger Ebert's Movie Yearbook 2011": Roger Ebert may have lost his voice to cancer, but this book proves what made him famous in the first place—he's a hell of a writer, the first movie reviewer to win a Pulitzer, in fact. Perfect for: Shut-ins who like to do their research. Find it: Amazon, $21.11
"Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 1" Engagement Ring & Wedding Band Replica Set: Sure, every Kiss begins with "k," for some folks, every blood-hungry fetus begins with a cheap knock-off of the one that Edward gave Bella. Perfect for: Twi-hards with low expectations and a sense of humor. Find it:, $28
"Winnie the Pooh": Your favorite hunny-loving bear is back in this gorgeously hand-drawn adventure narrated by John Cleese and with songs by Zooey Deschanel. Few saw this film, because no one knew it was out, but those that did loved it. Perfect for: Little kids and big kids. Find it: Amazon, $29.99
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