Holiday Lights Train at Roaring Camp Railroads

Warble a few timeless carols through the streets of Santa Cruz.

SING IT OUT: While coming together and weaving our voices into one melodic passage after another is often said to enhance comity and the spirit of togetherness, we don't always find opportunities to do so. To do so while on the move is even more unusual, unless you count singing with a friend in the car (always a positive act, especially if your pal knows exactly what parts you prefer to shine on). And harmonizing on a train? Generally not the thing to do, since trains are quiet places where passengers are attempting to work or catch a little shut-eye. But the...

SANTA CRUZ HOLIDAY LIGHTS TRAIN, from Roaring Camp Railroads, is not your typical Point-A-to-Point-B choo-choo, and singing is definitely encouraged. You'll carol your way along the streets of Santa Cruz, in fact, and quaff a little apple-y cider (warm, natch) to enhance the festive flavor of the outing. And will the departure point for the train, the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, add a dash of conviviality to your evening? Best hop on the carousel before hopping on the train to up the mood (few people can say they've been on a carousel and a train in a single day).

THE DATES FOR THE TRAIN: Sign up for Nov. 25 or 26 or a number of select days in December. And keep in mind that the Felton-based attraction has more beautiful events ahead, including a night celebrating Chanukah and a Holiday Tree Walk, which includes a bit of decorated nature-nice goodness. Longing for a get-out family getaway that gives singing, and cider-sipping, and general sweetness the forefront? Felton's your next stop.

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