Humboldt is Being Humble

Humboldt Wine Tour:  Yes, we know good wine isn’t the first thing that pops into our head when we think 'Humboldt', but that doesn’t mean its selection is mediocre.  Although most  winemakers in the region are self-taught vinters using grapes from more familiar wine regions, the vino is just as delish.

Where to start?: How about from the bottom up? Redwoods, anyone?  Here, you can taste stone-fruited Briceland Arneis or earthy Whitethorn Pinot, order crepes, and even purchase an olive tree at Persimmons Garden Gallery and Wine Tasting.  Now, to the North.  This is where you’ll find college kids and beach towns, but also, local Pinot, Zinfandel and Chardonnay too.  Drink up at Robert Goodman Wines or Moonstone Crossing.  And lastly?  Eastern Humboldt: Enjoy Mediterranean-style tastings at the Dogwood Estate.  Now that you've got your wine-tasting itinerary under way...

Where to stay?: From North to South, check out and check into these recommended spots: The Lost Whale Inn or Miranda Gardens Resort.

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