bald eagle

IDOT Crew Rescues Injured Bald Eagle Found Along I-55

An injured bald eagle got a lucky break Tuesday morning when a crew with the Illinois Department of Transportation spotted it along I-55 after initially mistaking the eagle for a blown tire.

The eagle was lying on the side of the road along the ramp from inbound I-55 to southbound Cass Avenue when it was first spotted. The IDOT crew parked their car on the side of the road and stood near the eagle to protect it from traffic as they called animal control for help.

After an examination at the Willowbrook Wildlife Facility in Glen Ellyn, officials determined the eagle is a male between 4 and 5 years old. Although the bird's wings did not appear broken, officials said it was likely struck by a car or a truck on the interstate.

The eagle will finish its recovery at the Willowbrook Wildlife Facility and then be released to Willowbrook's Flight Ring Facility.

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