Apple's iMacs “Assembled in USA”

Some iMacs are sporting labels that say "Assembled in the USA," a  change from the  machines' usual assembly in China.

The phenomenon was first reported by Fortune, when a San Jose, Calif. reader notified the publication about the new label on his new 21-inch iMac. More were found but it doesn't necessarily mean that Apple is moving all its assembly to the United States, AppleInsider reported. 

However, assembly is more complicated than just using a screwdriver. According to the  U.S. Federal Trade Commission:

All the major components of a computer, including the motherboard and hard drive, are imported. The computer’s components then are put together in a simple "screwdriver" operation in the U.S., are not substantially transformed under the Customs Standard, and must be marked with a foreign country of origin. An "Assembled in U.S." claim without further qualification is deceptive. 

That means that "Assembled in the USA" labels mean there's some real work going on somewhere in the United States, although it's a mystery as to where that is.
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