Indian Wells Idyll: Spring Break Package

Take to the desert for sunshine-filled fun times (and savings, too).

MARCH'S THEMES... may include basketball and St. Patrick's Day and wind and early blossoms, but for many people the third month on the calendar is solely about one thing. Need a hint? It starts with "spring" and ends in "break," and even if we're not students granted a week off, we still can daydream about where we might go and what we could do if we had five fine weekdays to toodle somewhere along the road. The important asterisk here, though, is that we could have a mini spring break, of sorts, and we could do so fairly close to home, or at least within the state. Bonuses? Sunshine, some pool time, some time hanging near the pool, some time returning to the pool after you've fully dried off but feel like another dip'll do you good. The Renaissance Indian Wells Resort & Spa understands our urges to commune with the water, under a nicely blue sky, with temperatures suited to swimming, and, in that spirit, it has created "the ultimate spring break package." It is, in fact, called "Helloooo Spring," and it includes deluxe accommodations at the property, aka a room that's going to put you within walking distances of those pretty, pretty pools.

YEP, "POOLS" WAS PLURAL THERE: There are a trio of luxe swimming holes at the hotel, and waterfalls, too, and a sandy beach area, and the hot tubs to ease any weary aches, and cabanas, too, if all of that desert-style sunshine gets a bit too intense. And speaking of intense sunshine, souvenir sunglasses for the family are part of the Helloooo Spring package, as is a resort credit (it is fifty bucks per night, and it can be used towards food and such). As for the dates this deal is afoot? Well, it is all in the name: March 20 through April 30 is when you'll want to book to nab your shades and resort credit and room, all for the starting price of $289. Will you, though, tell the co-workers and distant relations that you, too, are taking a spring break of sort? If they hear about the pools, and the rays you'll be catching, and the cabanas, and those soft springtime desert nights, they'll either be A) mighty jealous and B) mighty jealous and inspired to make a road trip plan of their own.

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