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Infant Chiropractic Care: What Is It?

San Diego chiropractors do adjustments on babies who are days old

You may have seen a chiropractor before for back and spine-related issues. Some chiropractors also specialize in adjustments for newborn babies. 

"You can do adjustments on infants that are a few days old if they have health issues," said Dr. Bonnie Fischer, a chiropractor and owner of AlignSD Wellness Center in Mission Valley. 

Fischer said spinal realignment in infants can help to treat issues with breastfeeding, sleeping, and colic.

"Chiropractors are well-versed in finding a spinal subluxation," said Fischer. "This is when there's poor positioning or function within the joints of the body. 

In San Diego, multiple chiropractors offer newborn care. The chiropractor must have additional training on top of four years of chiropractic school.  

Some doctors are not convinced about the effectiveness of infant chiropractics. 

The National Health Institute released a study of 86 infants with colic. It found that "chiropractic manipulation was no more effective than a placebo." 

Fischer added contrary to popular belief, adjustments on a baby are very different than an adult. 

"You only apply the same pressure that you would to puncture the skin of a tomato," said Fischer. "Babies are resilient and it works immediately to make them feel better." 

Would you take your infant to a chiropractor? 

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